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Streamline your project management with our Kanban view software. Visualize tasks, optimize workflows, and boost productivity. Try Orangescrum Kanban project management tool today!
  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Expedite


Enables clear communication with task visualization.

View what’s in-progress, what's pending, and what's completed

Reduce the need for constant status meetings

Ensure everyone stays on the same page

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Team members leave comments, and attach files directly to cards

Foster seamless teamwork

Prevent bottlenecks and allocate resources effectively

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Collaborate in Real-Time


Tasks move through the workflow faster

expedite project delivery by instantly spotting areas that require attention

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Speed up your process

How Teams Use Kanban Board

  • To-Dos
  • Task Tracking
  • Bug Tracking


Convert your to-do list into visual cardsand effortlessly prioritize tasks based on their importance and deadlines.

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Task Tracking

Bug Tracking

Categorize bugs abased on their severity, allowing you to prioritize critical issues.

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Bug Tracking

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Kanban view FAQ

What is Kanban View in Orangescrum?

How does it benefit my project management process?

Can I customize columns in the software to match our workflow?

Is it possible to assign tasks and set priorities within the software?

Can I filter and search for specific tasks in Kanban View?

Is there a mobile-friendly version of the feature for on-the-go management?

How does it improve team collaboration and communication?

Are there any analytics or reporting features available within Kanban View?

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