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Work management Software helps to get insight of workforce and improve productivity.A good work management tool automates processes, eliminates paper work, and cuts tedious tasks.

Work Management Software for team

Brings everyone to a single page, coordinates plans, projects, and processes to manage the entire work lifecycle
Work Management Software

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How Orangescrum Helps

Easy to Collaborate

Provides a central location for collaboration & communication between team and remote employees and tracks their productivity over time.

Clear Visibility

Provides clear project visibility to the stakeholders and helps them to set the project expectation. Team accountability made possible.

Maintain Consistency

Helps in maintaining consistency across the board in all situations and ensures everything is handled properly.

Maximise Productivity

Helps to happen everything quickly and smoothly. Work management saves lots of time in updating and getting things done properly.

Improved Work Culture

Helps to keep team members towards the goals in an organised way. Provides best work culture, to meet the business goals.

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Accelerate Productivity with Orangescrum Work Management Software

Task Management

Task Management

Breakdown & Organize your tasks with clarity and timelines. Manage dependencies effectively. Track task completion and deliverables with ease.

Create and assign tasks with utmost clarity and timelines. Track task progress, contribute to the discussion threads, provide timely updates and track time spent on tasks effortlessly from a single platform.

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Save Time in NO Time

Time Tracking features that make your TEAMS tick! Track time spent on each task & evaluate the team's performance with easy-to-use timesheets.

Use the Timer and your task time is tracked automatically allowing you to focus on real work. What else! Just enter your task notes upon completion and hit save. No Hassles!

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Save Time in NO Time
Resource Allocation for increased productivity

Resource Allocation for increased productivity

Monitor resource allocation for timely project and task execution. Bridge your talent, skill and task execution gap. Manage project schedules without fear of missing deadlines.

Allocate tasks transparently to avoid overloading your smart and efficient resources. Maintain optimal workloads and re-plan task assignments for quicker delivery. No more missed deadlines but increased collaboration and mutual cooperation across projects and tasks.

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Project Reporting And Analytics

Reports help you to eliminate bottlenecks, optimize resource utilization by analyzing projects/timelines to improve processes.

Track the time being spent with respect to the allocated time, to ensure not to have any slippage; Achieve 2x profitability.

Get a quick glance at your project reports to identify problem areas based on project RAG (RED/AMBER/GREEN) status and do the adjustments to rectify them.

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Project Reporting And Analytics

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