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Orangescrum custom task status lets you build tailor-made workflows for every team and process the logical flow of your tasks from start to end. Task statuses are most commonly referred by your teams. Try It now
  • Align Processes
    Align Processes
  • Enhance Visibility
    Enhance Visibility
  • Improve Productivity
    Improve Productivity
Define Flow

Enhance Visibility

Enhance visibility into the project's progress for team members and stakeholders; facilitate better decision-making, communication, and reporting.

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Improve Process

Improve Productivity

Promotes accountability among team members, as everyone knows what's expected at each stage.

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Automate Flow

How Productive Teams Use Status Workflow

  • Content Management
  • Recruitment
  • Procurement

Content Management

Create custom stages for ideation, drafting, editing, approval, and publication, ensuring every piece of content production flows seamlessly.

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Content Management


Reduce time-to-hire by customizing statuses for resume screening, interviews, and onboarding, keeping candidates and hiring managers on the same page.

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Customize procurement statuses for requisition, approval, evaluation, and delivery, thereby ensuring transparency, and efficient procurement operations.

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