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Client management is the process of managing, coordinating and interactions between potential clients and existing clients. Orangescrum allows you to streamline the project work dependency with the client and project team, and build a hassle-free client management practice.

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Better outcomes in client
expectation handling

Build trust
Build trust

Offer matchless transparency and clear communication with your clients that helps in creating a trusted environment.

Exceed expectations
Exceed expectations

You come out of it with better outcomes in terms of overall quality, client expectation handling, and customer satisfaction.

Increase retention
Increase retention

Address early the project scope, strengthening your execution plan, and boost client retention across the board.

Collaborate and Engage
with Customers

Streamline all information

Create a board roadmap in an obtainable space so the customer’s essential data is always at your view.
Keep track of client interactions, ongoing activities, activity notes, eliminate all of this chaos and prevent wasteful efforts by using Orangescrum.

Collaborate with all

Lets your client know of things as project management execution progresses to reduce waiting periods, prevent errors and delays.
Make clients know the pace of your project execution and will also be forthcoming with inputs, feedback, and help as requested in a timely manner.

Easy Communication

With Orangescrum on board, you are assured to have a robust communication practice across all project implementations.
Orangescrum offers "Project Notes" on its each project dashboards that are used to list out all critical information for the client.

Ensure satisfaction

You come out with better outcomes in terms of overall quality, client expectation handling, and customer satisfaction.
Google calendars and Gantt charts make the delivery process easy to get an aerial view of project progress and ensure delivery on time.

Boost brand reputation

Orangescrum Project report allows you to manage and communicate with your stakeholders effectively
Keep your customer in the loop via regular status reports will increase their confidence in the project progress and your brand reputation.

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Integrate Orangescrum with your favourite apps

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