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With Orangescrum Project Management software Custom fields, you can add more data on a task and keep track of everything. Organize your project by adding custom fields on a single task.

Bring Project Clarity with Custom
Data for Tasks

Customize, centralize and achieve projects with ease with custom fields for tasks. Tailor your project management experience by organizing data effortlessly and accelerate productivity.

Customize Project Data

Customize data fields to match the unique requirements of your projects, ensuring that you capture and store the right information.

Simplify project tasks
Analyze project data

Improve Data Visibility

Custom fields make it easier to track and visualize critical project data, helping you make informed decisions and identify trends.

Prioritize Tasks with Precision

Enhance your task management capabilities with custom fields such as duration, attached files, tags, assignees, and more.

Set project priorities
Streamline workflow

Optimize Workflow

Experience streamlined workflows with custom fields. Project managers get a complete view of the project needs.

Consolidate Task Data

Tailor your data consolidation to perfection, select the columns and fields that matter most for your reports, ensuring precision and relevance.

Advanced Custome Fields

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Custom Fields for All Teams

Enable team members from all departments to customize task data from a single platform.

INTEGRATE Orangescrum with productivity apps

Integrate Orangescrum with your favourite apps

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