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Try Orangescrum as ClickUp Alternative, the project management software that lets you manage your teams and projects without the hassle of scheduling meetings, emailing shared documents and tracking time, self-hosted edition includes.

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Using Orangescrum as ClickUp Alternative

There are many project and task management tools available, but while ClickUp is quickly becoming one of the most popular ones around – you might need something a bit different. So we've pulled together this list of the best alternatives to ClickUp in 2021!

ClickUp is the ultimate tool for anyone who does a lot of work on the business. It provides an overview of all your tasks, projects and collaborative tools in one place. ClickUp's vast array of features includes to-do lists, project management, docs, wikis and spreadsheets; email notifications with reminders; goal tracking among other useful functions.

Furthermore, some of the advanced features are missing from this list. Some marketing teams and enterprise-scale companies - or those looking for an app that integrates instead of replacing - might want to consider from the feature comparison list:

Looking for Self hosted Project Management Software of ClickUp?

ClickUp only has cloud-based versions of the platform and offers subscriptions based on that. Orangescrum does not offer a particular edition, but you can choose from three different types: open-source, self hosted or in the Cloud.

The open-source edition is completely free to use, but you'll have no restrictions with it. The cloud (rented) edition offers full access and a monthly fee, while the self-hosted or on-premise version ensures that you own your data and will provide an even better value for money than either of these options.

Self-hosted project management software allows you to easily and efficiently manage your projects, tasks and their progress. It is customizable for individual needs like creating notifications when the task is due or viewing time spent on a specific task throughout its duration.

The Additional benefits you get with Orangescrum self hosted project management software:

  • Easy setup
  • 100% data ownership
  • Get the source code
  • Free updates for the first 12 months
  • Get help whenever you need it
Looking for Self hosted Project Management Software of ClickUp?
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What makes Orangescrum a better ClickUp Alternative?

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