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Orangescrum + SSO

You can now save time and passwords by using Single Sign-On. Log in to Orangescrum using your one corporate credentials to access all of your company's apps.
Oangescrum + SSO

Secure, scalable authentication with SSO

With SSO, you can connect all of your applications and identify potential threats to take appropriate action as well as access any information you need with just a few clicks. The platform also identifies any potential threats, so you can act quickly.

Secure, scalable authentication with SSO

What is SSO?

What is SSO?

Single sign-on gives you a convenient and efficient way to authenticate with multiple applications and websites. It'll save you time and prevent your inbox from getting cluttered with different passwords.

Orangescrum allows reciprocating authentication certificates with:

How to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration in Orangescrum?

Start integration within Orangescrum

  • SAML configuration’s values
    1. Find configurations for your Identity Provider in the SAML Configurations For Your Identity Providers section
    2. Enter the required information like SAML Entity ID, SAML login URL, Logout URL
  • Add identified or issuer URL
    1. Copy the identified or issuer URL, the single-sign-on URL, and certificate from your identity provider
    2. Paste them into the Orangescrum account
  • Verify and Start Using
    1. Click on Save and Verify
    2. Go to the Login page, click on the SSO login method

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