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Orangescrum + Slack

Bring all people & communication together so you can actually get things done. Slack integration helps real-time messaging for modern teams in your project collaboration tool.
Oangescrum + Slack

Get more value from your tools with Slack integrations

Slack is now available with the Orangescrum integration. Teams can now turn Slack conversations and ideas into tasks that are assigned to members of your team.

Get more value from your tools with Slack integrations

Why Slack?

Why Slack?

Slack is an instant messaging app designed for efficiency and collaboration. With Slack, people can connect to the information they need together quickly and efficiently, transforming the way organizations communicate.

Things you can do with Slack integration in Orangescrum

How to Integrate Slack in Orangescrum?

Simple steps for Orangescrum Integration with Slack

  • Create a new slack team
    1. quick slack signup
    2. Create your team as a first step towards Slack integration
    3. Perform the slack signup steps
    4. create specific channels
  • API Setup
    1. Create a new slack App
  • App Credential
    1. Find Client ID
    2. Find Clinet Secret
    3. Copy them and keep them handy for the Next Step
  • Set Permission
    1. Setup the Redirect URL under OAuth & Permissions section
    2. Keep your URL Formatted
  • Connect Slack with Orangescrum
    1. Go to Slack Connect section from Setting
    2. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret
    3. Click on SAVE
    4. Allow the Aurthorization

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