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Using Orangescrum as OpenProject alternative

OpenProject is a project management tool that offers task management, project management, & collaboration. To access its premium features Task Management, Budget, and cost, Gantt chart, one needs to shell out $5.77/month for a single user.

Orangescrum on the other hand is a simple, easy yet effective project management tool. It offers Task Planning, Resource Management, Workload Management, Time Management, Project Templates, Budget & Cost Management, Bug & Issue Tracking, Mobile Apps and In-App chat features starting at $9/month/10 users. You can use it for both Agile and Scrum

OpenProject is an excellent project management tool, but it does have some features missing from other popular project management apps. It doesn't have Resource Management or Timesheet capabilities, which can be found in more robust and feature-rich solutions like Orangescrum. OpenProject also lacks the capability for invoicing and task labels that you can within Orangescrum.

Project Management should be both simple and affordable. It shouldn't be too complex or else it will end up being expensive, which is never good for any project. Please take a look at the below details to get a better idea of both the tools & Why Orangescrum is the best alternative to OpenProject:

Alternative to Openproject Time Management

Smart time tracking with Orangescrum Timesheet enables you to review your own performance over a set period of time and encourages improvements in your daily habits. It allows you to track billable time spent on any task/activity and helps you understand when you work best and which tasks priority needs to be changed.

Benefits of Effective Time Management

  • Achieve what you want, and faster
  • Deliver work on time
  • Improve your Work/Life balance
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase productivity
  • Data driven planning & forecasting.
  • Avoid delivery failures & penalties

Orangescrum Time Management Software Features

  • Timesheet - Get the list of spent time on each task & project
  • Timesheet Approval - Approve or reject the submitted weekly timesheet
  • Timesheet Approver - Set approver to review submitted weekly timesheet
  • Profitability Report - See the real-time cost status report of your project
  • Manage Workload - Maintain workload of your team with ease
  • Track Resource - Track resource with time tracking feature
  • Plan Tasks - Plan tasks with daily goals
  • Organize Team - Organize your team as per different projects
Alternative to Openproject Time Management

Orangescrum offers a very detailed & simplified time tracking mechanism, so that you can know how your project is progressing in terms of resource, cost & budget instantly.

Alternative to Openproject Resource Management

Resource management is crucial to business success and to keep your projects profitable. Orangescrum resource management features are closely linked with the task and time management capabilities to offer holistic insights of your project progress.

Alternative to Openproject Resource Management

Integrated resource management tools offer comprehensive benefits like

  • Task & time tracking
  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Resource pool management
  • Leave management
  • Resource availability, allocation & utilization views & reports
  • Central collaboration across departments and project teams
  • Help break silos
  • Productivity tracking

Orangescrum Resource Management Software Features

  • Plan Resource - Plan resources with the task list and daily goals
  • Assign Resources - Assign Resources with their availability
  • Organize Team - Organize your team as per different projects
  • Track Resource - Track resource with time tracking feature
  • Resource Timesheet - Automated timer for accurate time tracking
  • Manage Workload - Maintain workload of your team with ease
  • Define Role - Define user roles and configure permissions
  • 1-Click Report - Generate resource allocation report with one-click

Orangescrum takes care of all your time and resource management woes with its comprehensive time tracking, resource availability, resource utilization and leave planning features.

What makes Orangescrum a better OpenProject Alternative?

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