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Customize task status values the best for delivery. With Orangescrum custom task status you can create and track a logical life cycle of your tasks from start to end. Task Statuses are most commonly referred by your teams and ones that are relevant to the project type at hand.

Custom Task Status

How do I -
  • Get absolute clarity on project progress
  • Create my own status workflow
  • View all statuses in Kanban view
  • And get automatic updates on task progress

Here's how!

Custom Task Status

Your Workflow, Your Way!

Define a workflow (like Marketing, Development, Editorial Calendar status workflow etc.) that works best for your team. Workflow reflects the current status of a task as it go through.

Define Your Own Workflow & Stages

Custom task status module lets you define your own status workflows with any number of stages to every category. Build tailor-made workflows for every team in your organization.

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Define Your Own Workflow & Stages
Make Every Stage Stand Out

Make Every Stage Stand Out

Don't let anyone across your various teams get confused. Make every stage different with custom labels, status types, progress % & their unique color code.

A Workflow for Every Team in Your Company

Every team in your organization may prefer their own workflows. Creating custom workflows allows all your teams adapt to the Project Management Tool faster, better!

A Workflow for Every Team in Your Company
Set Progress % and Auto-update Task Status

Set Progress % and Auto-update Task Status

Define a completion percentage (%) for every task status & when you update the progress percentage, task status gets updated automatically. Really handy!

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View all statuses in Kanban view

Track your task statuses from strategy to execution in a single Kanban view. Add customized columns as required from the Kanban page.

View all statuses in Kanban view

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is custom status workflow?

Custom status workflow is the ability in your project management tool to replicate your processes & the tasks lifecycle from start to finish. You can create specific set of task statuses for different types of projects because marketing and HR projects or IT projects cannot have the same lifecycle. You need workflow to enable and support processes of your distinct business functions.

Who can use custom workflow?

HR, Marketing, QA, Procurement, Project, Software Development, IT, Content Management teams can all use custom task status workflow to run their specific projects with accuracy and transparency.

How to use custom workflow in Orangescrum?

You can create custom task status workflow for each of your projects in Orangescrum. First define a workflow and add all required status for e.g. a bug tracking project. Assign this workflow to the project from the create project form. Updating task status would update the task progress as well. As Orangescrum allows to colour code and assign a progress % for each status.

What is the limitation of custom workflow in Orangescrum?

You can use only 1 workflow per project. Other than that there are no limitations. You can create multiple workflows for each distinct project type that you run for your business or your clients. Each workflow can have as many status as you like and you can assign a progress % from 0% to 100% to indicate task status from Start to End.
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